• Forming Leaders

    Forming Leaders

The leading-edge undertakings of the Institute for Educational Initiatives can be grouped in three categories. One of those is excellence in leadership: investing in professional formation.

The Institute develops teachers, leaders, and other informed stakeholders capable of realizing long-term, transformational influence on K-12 schools and school systems, public and private.

This work is accomplished within these units of Institute:

Teaching Fellows - A two-year program for recent college graduates, including on-campus formation and classroom experience as teachers in under-resourced Catholic elementary and secondary schools around the US. The curriculum leads to a Master of Education (M. Ed.) degree from the University of Notre Dame.

Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program - A two-year program for current teachers, including on-campus formation and apprenticeship experience in leadership functions while the individual continues usual classroom employment. The curriculum, also incorporating a significant applied research component, leads to a Master of Arts in educational leadership (M.A.) degree from the University of Notre Dame.

Inclusive Catholic Education and English as a New Language - Each of these licensure programs for inclusionary practices is a one-year program for current teachers combining on-campus and online courses while these individuals continue their teaching activities.

An interdisciplinary academic minor open to University of Notre Dame undergraduates, offered through the College of Arts and Letters.

Indiana is one of eight states in a major initiative to boost student learning in ways that will help college and career readiness, school educational resources, and local and statewide participation in the 21st-century economy. The AP-TIP IN program, representing a partnership from the worlds of education, business, and government and based upon a proven model for improved math and science teaching, is administered by the University of Notre Dame through its Institute for Educational initiatives.


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